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Feel free to upload more imagery of you, your team, office or product.

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Most of the early questions are mandatory, a ton are optional. However, in order to produce a meaningful piece we encourage you to answer as much as you can without straying from who you are.

Please feel free to elaborate on brief answers, readers are looking for insights and depth.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? *

Was there ever a significant event that led to it? Can you remember what led you to try?
Can you remember what the biggest barriers to entry to entrepreneurship were for you?

This can be family, financial, knowledge, experience or anything that comes to mind. Please elaborate.
What does success look like for you personally? *

When are you 'winning' or 'crushing it'?
What is your role at {{answer_40500784}} *

What do you do and what are you called? What's on your LinkedIn, and why?
What does a productive day for you look like? *

And how do you stay or make yourself productive?
Which problem are you solving with {{answer_40500784}}? *

Where does your motivation to solve this problem come from?

Was there a single event that motivated you to start {{answer_40500784}}or is it inherently attached to a passion of yours? What's the why of {{answer_40500784}}
What does success look like for {{answer_40500784}}? *

When are you and your team 'winning' or 'crushing it'?
Allright! That's most of the questions answered!

What follows next is a set of questions that are a bit bold, or you might find them completely irrelevant. They are all completely optional, but they'll allow us to portray more depth about you and your startup.
Which one thing would you love to tell your younger self?

Advice, a warning, anything goes.
What has been your biggest failure?

And what did you learn from that case?
What would you highly recommend aspiring entrepreneurs to do/not do?

How many users and paying customers do you have?

Feel free to elaborate if your case is different.
What is the number of Monthly Active Users?

Feel free to elaborate if your case is different.
What is the average month over month growth over the past six months?

Feel free to elaborate.
How big is the team?

Total and divided by employees and/or free-lancers.
What was last months turnover?

What was last months 'burn'?

What are you currently failing at?

What are you currently struggling with?

What makes you worry?

Or stressed?
What's your favourite emoji?

And optionally: why?
Who was your favourite super hero as a kid? Why?

Or who did you idolise?
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